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Northern Ohio Model A Club

Rules for Tools

1.  Pick up tool when work is ready to be performed.

2.  Return tools promptly or bring to next meeting.

3.  If another member needs the tools, he/she will be given your phone number/email and in turn will be requested to follow number 2.

Call Jerry Siracki at 440-636-3623.


Here is a list of NOMAC tools currently available to all club members

1.  Engine Number stamps

2.  Cowl Light locator punch

3.  Rear seal installer

4.  Rear spring spreader

5.  Wheel spinner for painting wheels

6.  Brake shoe arcing machine

7.  Pinion puller

8.  Pinion nut wrench

9.  Crank ratchet nut wrench

10.  Hinge pin puller

11.  Gas gauge tool

12.  Cam nut wrench

13.  Steering wheel puller

14.  Spring compressor for the shift level keeper

15.  K-R Wilson wheel puller