Burma Shave signs along Route 66 in Arizona, image by Ken Koehler.

Riot In Drug Store

Calling All Cars

100 Customers

99 Jars

Burma Shave

Spring Has Sprung

The Grass Has Riz

This Is Where Last Years' Drivers is.

Burma Shave

Rip Your Face

Slice Your Jaw

Leave Your Face

Raw Raw Raw

Burma Shave

Henry The Eighth

Sure Had Troubles

Short On Wives

Long On Stubble!

Burma Shave

Listen Birds

These Signs Cost Money

So Sit A Spell

But Don't Get Funny

Burma Shave

You Can Beat

A Mile A Minute

But There Ain't

No Future In It!

Burma Shave

Is He Lonesome

Or Just Blind

That Guy Who Drives

So Close Behind

Burma Shave

It Would Be More Fun

To Go By Air

But We Can't Hang

These Signs Up There

Burma Shave

The Bearded Devil

Was Forced To Dwell

In The Only Place

Where They Don't Sell

Burma Shave

Don't Kiss Your Girlfriend At The Gate

Love May Be Blind

But The Neighbors ain't! Burma Shave

Folk's Wouldn't Feel

In So Much Danger

If We Still Had

The Ol' Lone Ranger

Burma Shave

They Missed The Turn Car Went Wizzin

Fault was her'n

Funeral his'n

Burma Shave

Train Wrecks Few

Reason Clear

Fireman Never

Hugs Engineer

Burma Shave

Fuzzy Wuzzie Was A Bear

Fuzzy Wuzzie Had No Hair

So Fuzzy Wuzzie Wasn't Fuzzie Wuzzie Burma Shave

Don't Stick Your Elbow

Out To Far

It Might Go Home

In Another Car

Burma Shave

Do Not Pass On Curve Or Hill

If The Cops Don't Catch You

The Morticians Will Burma Shave

Win A Free Trip To Mars

For Only 100 Empty Jars Burma Shave

Wild Men Pulled

Their Whiskers Out That's What Made Them Wild, No Doubt

Burma Shave

The Monkey Took One Look At Jim

And Threw The Peanuts Back At Him

Burma Shave

College Boys!

Your Courage Muster Shave Off That Fuzzy Cookie Duster

Burma Shave

Slow Down, Pa!

Sakes Alive

Ma Missed Signs Four And Five

Burma Shave

Why Does A Chicken Cross The Street?

She Sees A Guy She'd Like To Meet

Burma Shave

It Makes Farmer's Daughter Plant Her Tulips

Where She Oughter

Burma Shave

True Is The Instinct

In Man Which Salutes The Tiny Percentage Who Die In Their Boots Burma Shave

"Shiver my Timbers,"

said Captain Mack; "We're Ten Knots Out, But We're Turning Back; I Forgot My Burma Shave

Guys Who Want To Middle-aisle It

Should Never Scratch Their Shrinking Violet Burma Shave

You Don't Have A Care

You Don't Have A Worry You've Reached A Point Where You Don't Have To Hurry

Burma Shave

Within This Vale Of Toil And Sin

Your Head Grows Bald But Not Your Chin Burma Shave

Burma Shave Sign Collection by Lou Tull

Most people of today's generation have never heard of Burma shave, but ask anyone who lived in America from the 1920s into the early sixties, and you will bring up an extraordinary fixture of their past. Burma Shave was one of the world's first brushless shaving cream manufacturers and spawned heavy competition for their product, but this certain company had an upper hand in winning over customers. Burma Shave signs were the precursor to modern billboard signs on America's earliest roads. They were an interesting diversion from long drives and began to spring up all over the country throughout the mid-twentieth century. The signs were often humorous jingles that were placed at intervals along the road, each sign showing one line of the four-part rhyme until the last sign which concluded the clever advertising scheme with "Burma-Shave".

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